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Software Development

You envision a better future.
We make those visions become reality.

Focus on value

We’re not about writing lines of code – we deliver value. Our main goal is our customers’ success. We focus on maximizing product value, e.g. through user needs analysis and early verification of our solutions for meeting those needs.

We build our products iteratively with regular implementations and tests. We maintain a high level of elasticity, in case of changing needs and expectations.

Collaboration to follow your vision

We don’t want to be just contractors – we work in tight development teams, making sure we know and follow our customer’s vision. We believe in close collaboration with our customers. We’ll give you reasons to stay excited about your project.

Challenging, interesting projects are what we like best – long-term, short-term, big and small. We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to do something new and amazing, to help you change the world.


We always choose the best tool for solving our customer’s business problem. We’re a cross-functional team, willing and able work with technologies that are fresh, flexible and full of potential, as well as tried and true, popular solutions.

Recently we’ve been focusing on the following:

  • .NET
  • Java
  • Python
  • Backbone.js
  • SQL
  • MongoDB

We don’t limit ourselves to just one technology. We won’t limit you, either.


Our team is full of energy and passion, but we know that’s not always enough to work effectively on a project. This is why we pride ourselves on our agile approach.

  • We produce software iteratively and incrementally (usually within week-long iterations) to deliver results early and validate them often. This way, you can decide what the next step should be on the road to the product’s success.
  • We believe in simplicity – the art of maximizing the amount of wok not done. We’ll make sure you know which features and solutions are worth investing in.
  • We do peer code reviews and automated testing to maintain high quality of code.
  • We keep our progress transparent and we’re always happy to receive constructive criticism.



Teamo is a platform that helps teams maximize their collaboration powers. It’s a fusion of an amazing tool for customer service support and a team collaboration system.

Our team was responsible for: product management, UX, UI (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Backbone.js), back-end (C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server), unit testing.


Cornu is the perfect tool for automating network configuration. It uses YANG modules and NETCONF protocols as its core features, but it also has IPAM, device management, zero-touch deployment, logs monitoring and network scheme generation capabilities.

Our team was responsible for: product management, UX, UI (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Backbone.js), back-end (Python, Tornado, MongoDB), unit testing.

RocketAdmins is a platform for solving IT problems and an innovative integration of an e-commerce system (Magento) and a customer service tool (Teamo).

Our team was responsible for: product management, UX, e-commerce integration module for Teamo.

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