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Are you tired of the impersonality of data centers and large hosting providers?

Would you like your hosting to be tailored to your needs and your provider to always have time for a call or a meeting?

Each customer is special

We make time for our customers. Period. If you have any questions, worries or doubts, our team will listen.

We want to help our customers achieve their business goals and be the best they can be. If you think there’s room for improvement, talk to us. We’ll analyze the situation and make sure you’re aware of your options.

We regularly visit the data centers we’ve chosen for our partners. We know they meet and exceed expectations. We know how they are run and how well they are protected. We carefully survey each location before we decide whether they’re good enough for us and our customers.

We’ll help you choose

If you don’t know where your infrastructure should be, tell us what you need and we’ll give you the gist of what to expect where, and who to trust.

Our offer

Dedicated server

If you know you need a dedicated server, you don’t need us to explain the advantages and the disadvantages of this solution. You are most likely looking for you own, physical machine for a specific reason, such as meeting the requirements of your clients.

You’ve come to the right place.

At Centuria, we know that dedicated servers might seem like an outdated solution, but are actually absolutely necessary to some businesses.

Our servers are kept safe in data centers we have hand-picked with our customers’ needs in mind. We have 24/7 access to the physical machines, so we’ll always be able to reboot, fix or move them. Our datacenters meet our own strict requirements and possess a number of certificates assuring their service quality.

Private cloud

A private cloud isn’t all that different from a dedicated server.

When you purchase a private cloud segment, what you receive is dedicated hardware as computing nodes. Each provides a fully separate pool of processor cores, RAM and disk space, which you can use as you please.

You can purchase a dedicated server not as hardware, but as a pool of resources. This way, you don’t have to worry about server models and specifications – what you choose is exactly what you get.

No other customer will have access to your server. The resources will be fully yours. This solution offers security, privacy and stability. You will be able to install virtual machines freely within your private cloud and allocate the resources according to your needs.

Hybrid cloud

Our hybrid cloud is efficient, fast, safe and flexible. You’ll have your own dedicated pool of processor cores, RAM and disk space – and you’ll be able to scale up or down as your needs change and pool the resources together to create more space for new and existing virtual machines. Purchasing a hybrid cloud package means that the resources are yours to allocate – there are no shared resources on our hybrid cloud servers.

You’ll be able to install virtual machines within your cloud segment. This will allow you to control exactly what amount of resources you allocate to which virtual machine.

Consult the table below to see our standard hybrid cloud packages.

Public cloud

This is an offer for a quick launch of virtual machines for testing, staging or development, best suited for implementations that don’t require high availability.

Our public cloud packages are fully functional virtual machines installed on shared resources with slight overbooking. We’ve prepared this offer as a quick and easy solution for temporary infrastructure or as environment for tests.

The public cloud is also usable as hosting for your website or application. It’s a scalable virtual machine with an already allocated pool of resources. With this option, you don’t need to worry about anything but using your virtual machine to help your business.

Standard Cloud packages

Core (*vcore) RAM SSD Disk space
Private Cloud
Priv 40 384 GB 2.5 TB
Hybrid Cloud
H-16 16 128 GB 1 TB
H-08 8 64 GB 512 GB
H-04 4 32 GB 200 GB
Public Cloud
P-08 8* 32 GB 200 GB
P-04 4* 32 GB 200 GB
P-02 2* 16 GB 100 GB
P-01 1* 8 GB 50 GB

These are the standard options we offer. If you’d prefer a custom cloud, talk to our sales officers – they’ll help you build a cloud segments that will suit your needs.

The Cloud means future and the sky is the limit

We offer cloud-based solutions for those customers who value flexibility and state-of-the-art technologies. We’ll give you an edge over your competitors.

We’ll keep you safe in the cloud

At Centuria, we’ve been using cloud-based solutions for over 9 years. Our servers are configured and managed in such a way that the risk of a security breach is minimal. We research all emerging threats and implement countermeasures.

We protect our customers’ privacy:

  • No one but our most trusted employees will know which server hosts your infrastructure
  • Our cloud isn’t public – each node is sized so that we can easily manage it and keep it safe
  • We update our systems regularly to make sure we aren’t vulnerable to emerging security threats
  • Our customers’ infrastructures are kept separate to minimize the risk of security breach

Is the cloud for you?

The cloud is efficient

Resources are utilized more effectively in the cloud. You get exactly the parameters you need, and don’t pay for unused extras like you would when leasing or buying dedicated hardware.

The cloud is flexible

It’s easy to add or detract resources in the cloud – you can buy a small pool of resources as you start out, and enlarge or diminish it as you go to fit your exact needs at any given time.

The cloud is accessible

Tailored price and flexibility mean the cloud is very convenient for business. You’ll be able to get just the infrastructure you want when you want it, you won’t have to worry about hardware limitations and you’ll be safe on Centuria’s private cloud servers.

If you aren’t sure the cloud is for you, you can buy the smallest cloud package for half the price and test it for 30 days.

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