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Professional IT Consulting

We’ll choose the best specialists from various fields and lend them to you for however long you need. They’ll tell you what your options are in terms of optimization and project design, and guide you through implementation.

Knowledge and experience are the core of our business

We take care to hire only the best specialists and to give them room to develop. Our team members are always happy to expand their knowledge – and to share it with others. Almost all of them have experience with training and consulting.

You don’t need a whole internal team to introduce big changes to your business. We’ll analyze your needs and find the best solution for your situation. We’ll give you an overview of what your infrastructure’s strengths and weaknesses are, and what can be improved.

We’ll prepare a plan for setting up your infrastructure and launching your project. We’ll design an environment based on various technologies that will best suit your needs.

We’ll make sure you get off to a good start and use your resources to their full potential.

Optimization of services

  • Is your website too slow?
  • Does your application crash unusually often?
  • Is it too complicated or almost unusable?
  • Do you need better infrastructure or a better software solution?

Let us take a look at your systems, and we should be able to tell you where and how it can be improved. We do this all the time for many different projects worldwide – let us do the same for you.

Our team of specialists have knowledge and experience in many areas. They will analyze your problem and find the best possible solution. You’ll receive full documentation with a complete plan of implementation, as well as a suggested timeline and a list of recommended contactors. We guarantee that, once we’re done, you’ll feel completely prepared to get started on your project.

We’ll oversee your project through implementation to make sure everything goes according to plan.


We’ll help you choose your data center, hosting provider and software house.

We’ve been to most data centers in the area. We know the cloud market. We’ll be able to tell you what parameters you need and where you can get them. We’ve worked with a number of software developers and we know what qualities too look for in a potential partner.

You’ll receive the full attention of our team of specialists. They’ll show you exactly what can be done to improve your infrastructure or start your project. They’ll prepare full documentation with a plan and a suggested timeline for you. They’ll give you a list of recommended contractors. Once we’re finished, you’ll be completely prepared to begin implementation. And should you have any doubts or questions along the way – we’ll answer them.

Software-defined services management

  • Does your company work with a large technical infrastructure?
  • Would you like your IT Operations to launch new services more quickly and work more efficiently?
  • Is scalability a problem for you?
  • Do you know what you can do when you suddenly need a higher service capacity?
  • Can you easily migrate your infrastructure from one environment to another, in case of unforeseen events?

We’ll help you prepare your infrastructure and your team for any such event. We specialize in automation of infrastructure management and company procedures using advanced software.

We’ll help you connect your various teams and make collaboration more efficient. We’ll make sure your IT department use their full potential by preparing the best work environment for them. We’ll introduce automation to help them minimize the amount of menial tasks and focus on what’s really important to your business.

We work with software-defined services management in the following areas:

  • Software-defined networking
  • Server deployment automation
  • Software-defined storage
  • Configuration management systems


  • Do you need an answer to a particular business problem, but you don’t know where to start?
  • Do you know what kind of solution you need, but aren’t sure who’ll be able to implement it for you?
  • Do you have a concept for a new business or solution and aren’t sure where to go with it?
  • Do you need advice concerning project management methods?

We’ll advise you on the technologies you can use and help you find the one that suits you best. We’ll participate in the creation of your project and share our years of market experience with you. We’ll show your team the best and most efficient project management strategies we know.

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