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24/7 Monitoring Center

If your website is down – you should know faster than your customers.

If your email server fails – you don’t want to find out about it when trying to send an important email.


We prefer to know about potential problems before they happen.

Prevention is always better than a hasty patch-up job.

24/7 Monitoring Service Levels

Level L1 Level L2 Level L3
Reaction time 60m 30m 15m
VM Devices 5 25 100
Capacity (number of incidents solved)
Monthly 25 100 250
Hourly 5 5 10
Customer Contact Points
Phonecall Priority Low Medium High
Checks (Monitored Locations) 50 50+ 50++
Stats and Graphs Access
Incident Escalation Paths 1 5 25
Ticket check_18x18 check_18x18 check_18x18

Our offer includes:

Monitoring points

We monitor over 50 crucial points in every customer’s infrastructure, e.g.:

  • Processor load
  • Available memory
  • Available disk space
  • RAM usage
  • Data transfer volume
  • Data transfer speed
  • Maximum number of processes
  • Maximum number of opened files
  • Number of running processes

And over 500 optional monitoring points.

Custom scripts

We’ll prepare custom scripts and monitor those elements of your system that matter the most to you.

Real time monitoring

We have automated systems gathering data non-stop, with an early warning system that sends warnings and alerts to our staff.

We provide a human touch

Automation isn’t perfect. Our team of experienced IT specialists make sure nothing gets past our monitoring system. There’s always someone on duty in the office, actively watching over our customers’ infrastructure.

A gift for the vigilant

If you notice a critical system failure before we do, we’ll send you a surprise gift!

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