Last Friday, the Centuria team had a terrific time during our Freedom Day.

We’ve come to the office as usual in the morning, spent some time puttering around, making tea, getting ready for the day. And slowly, the fun started.

Freedom Day is a unique time – a whole day during which every employee can dedicate their 8 hours at work to a personal project. Which doesn’t of course mean that we spent the day knitting or skateboarding. No, our projects were meant to create tools and strategies to help us in our daily work on other, less exciting days.

Some of us focused on reorganizing our archives and updating our knowledge base. Others picked more creative projects, like developing new software. The important part was that we had a chance to use our teamwork skills and that we had plenty of fun.

At the end of the day, we gathered once more to unwind and share our creations with the whole Centuria team. We voted for the best projects and rewarded their authors with quirky prizes.

We had a fantastic day and we can’t wait for the next edition of Centuria’s Freedom Day.